Bonfire night is coming up and the sudden bangs and flashing lights of fireworks can be a frightening experience for many dogs. However there are things you can do to minimise any stress.

Here’s our top ten tips for keeping your dog calm:

  1. The most important thing is to remember is to appear calm and confident as dogs can pick up on our own anxieties and this can influence their behaviour.
  2. Find out when and where fireworks displays are planned in your local area.
  3. Keep your dog indoors at night in the run-up to fireworks season – some people start the fireworks early.
  4. Stay in with your dog – don’t leave him on his own.
  5. Take your dog for an early walk before it gets dark and let him/her toilet before the fireworks start.
  6. Close all the windows and doors to minimise noise and have the radio or TV on to provide some background noise.
  7. Block out flashing lights by drawing the curtains or blinds and leave lights on in the rooms your puppy or dog has access to.
  8. Prepare a ‘den’ for your puppy or dog where they can feel safe – this could be their crate or a blanket draped over a table, You can encourage them to use this by providing them with a chew or a Kong, but don’t force them to stay there if they choose another spot in the house they prefer.
  9. If your dog is chewing something they shouldn’t in order to cope with their fear, avoid telling them off and give them something appropriate to chew on instead.
  10. Give your puppy or dog something to do on Bonfire night, a new toy or stuffed frozen kong will often do the trick.