1. Why can’t I register my interest for your assistance dog services at the moment?
We want to ensure that we’re able to partner people with the right dog at the right time.  While we want to be able to create life changing partnerships for as many people as possible, we only have the capacity to train and place approximately 50 dogs per year.  By opening enquiries to only a few areas at a time and for short periods of time, we’re able to assist people from right across the country.  It also helps us to make sure that our clients spend as little time as possible waiting to be partnered with a life changing dog. Find out how our areas work.

2. Why can’t you place more assistance dogs per year?
We work hard to ensure that every partnership we train meets the high training standards set by Assistance Dogs International and receives on-going support from the charity, however as we receive no government funding and rely on public support and legacies to continue our work, we are restricted by how many assistance dog partnerships we can train each year.

3. When will I be able to register my interest for an assistance dog service?
We will be seeking enquiries from different parts of the country at different times. Enquiries may be sought from some areas for a longer period than others.  This is to ensure that our satellite centres in Bristol and Culcheth are also able to match life changing dogs with people in the North and South of the country.  We adjust our timings to ensure that people in those areas also have a reasonable opportunity to register their interest in an assistance dogs. Please keep checking the website for further details.

4. I’ve submitted my registration of interest, what happens now?
Once you register your interest in our service, we will invite you to an information day as soon as we are able – this is the first step on the application process. If you have questions about the information day, please speak to our applications team, they will also make sure we have up to date contact information for you. Call 01295 252600.

5. I’m interested in an Autism Assistance Dog – what can I do now?
You may wish to consider our Family Dog service, which provides workshops for parents of a child with autism to explore the helping potential of a pet dog.  Workshops run regularly and take place nationwide.  While attending the Family Dog workshops does not give a pet dog public access rights, many families find that the introduction of a pet dog has many positive benefits.

Alternatively, if you feel that an assistance dog would be beneficial please keep checking our website.

6. I’m interested in a Mobility Assistance Dog – what can I do now?
There are other charities that offer assistance dogs to help with mobility tasks.  Please visit the Assistance Dogs UK website to see a list of member organisations that may be able to help you.

7. You currently don’t train assistance dogs to support my condition. Are you planning to do so in the future?
We believe that dogs are good for us and can support people in many different ways.  We do pilot new projects in order to understand how dogs could help people in a variety of different ways.  Whilst we cannot guarantee we will be piloting a service to help with your particular needs, it is helpful for us to understand demand for new services and to also have your contact details in case we were able to offer a pilot project to you.

Please click the links below, choosing if you are enquiring as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, so we can understand more about your needs.

Other services - individual Other services - organisation

8. Can you take my details and contact me when I can register my interest for your assistance dog services?
No, unfortunately due to our limited resources we are unable to contact individuals when we start taking enquiries again.  Please check our website regularly to see when the list reopens.

9. Can I pay you to train an assistance dog for me?
Whilst we receive many enquiries asking us this question, we are unable to allocate funds to a specific applicant.  This would mean our status as a Charity would be removed as we would be receiving payment for a service/product.

10. Can you train my pet dog to help me?
We get many requests about whether we are able to train people’s pet dogs as assistance dogs. Dogs for Good currently only train assistance dogs that have completed our own puppy socialising scheme.

There are a couple of other organisations that can train a person’s own pet dog specifically for their individual needs, and as a registered Assistance Dog organisation can then register the dog/client partnership.  Their details are Support Dogs and Dog Aid.

If employing a local dog trainer is an option, please see www.adpt.co.uk which is the website for the association of pet dog trainers.

11.Can I get an assistance dog jacket for my pet dog?
No. Dogs for Good is only able to give assistance dog jackets to dogs trained by the charity.

12. I’ve trained my own dog, how do I register it as an assistance dog?
Dogs for Good does not have an assessment process in place for dogs that have not been trained by the charity, and therefore is not able to ‘register’ pet dogs. There is no central register of assistance in the UK, so no formal registration system exists.

13. How much of the money raised goes to training your dogs?
75p of every £1 we raise goes directly to making a life-changing difference to someone with a disability through contact with a dog.

13.What can I do to help?
Support us.  We rely entirely on donations to continue our work.  Without donations we simply could not do what we do.  Make a donation, sign up to our e-newsletter on our website home page, or find out about ways you can support us.