We are passionate about what can happen when we bring people and dogs together. We’re excited about our future and how we can help more people with the use of our assistance dogs and more. We hope you’ll share our vision and help us to achieve our goals here at Dogs for Good.


Our Vision is to create “A world in which everyone and every community is able to benefit from the help of a trained dog.”



We bring trained dogs and people together to help them overcome specific challenges, in order to enrich and improve the lives of both.

What we do

We train our assistance dogs to help adults and children lead more independent lives, at home and in the community around them.

We provide advice and support to people who want a pet dog that can help them overcome specific challenges within their family.

We train and support community dogs and their specialist handlers to work in activity and therapy in communities and schools.

We continually explore new ways that our assistance dogs and more can help people.


Quality – in all we do

We are committed to achieving high standards and advancing best practice within our charity.

Individual approach

We value and respect each person and each dog as an individual and strive to help them all fulfil their potential and to learn from them. We engage with everyone openly and honestly, in order to provide great service that can help to change lives.

Dog Wellbeing 

We work hard to ensure the health and happiness of our dogs. We will never knowingly compromise their welfare.


We continually develop new ways in which our dogs can help people, through our curiosity, learning and expertise.


We work together and with others in teams, to advance our collective knowledge, operate more effectively, and thereby help more people with our dogs.

Every pound counts

We make the most of every pound and every hour of volunteering given to us, by spending wisely, working efficiently and remaining focused on our mission to help change the lives of people through assistance dogs and much more.