Angel the adorable puppy is truly heaven-sent, with her irresistible cuteness and a mischievous streak that fills every moment with adventure and joy!



Declan, whose name means “full of goodness,” is indeed a lively and spirited source of endless delight! Declan is this season’s digital pup! Sponsors of Declan receive all sponsorship materials by email. We’ve included a few extras including wallpapers to download so you can take Declan with you on your phone and laptop!

When you sponsor a puppy, not only will you be following the journey of a cute pup on their way to making a difference in someone’s life, you’ll be enabling Dogs for Good to #MakeLifePossible for someone. Whether that’s as an assistance dog providing dedicated support to a disabled person or autistic child, or as a community dog working with an expert handler to enable people who need support to achieve their goals, your sponsorship will mean these dogs may one day go on to transform someone’s life.

What do you get when you Sponsor A Puppy?

By sponsoring Angel or Declan (or both!), you’ll receive regular pupdates by post or email on their training and socialisation. You’ll hear from their volunteer socialiser about how they’re progressing and all about their adventures! You’ll also get photos so you can see your tiny pup transform into a wonderful, fully-grown dog.

Adorable Labrador Angel is our Postal Pup, which means your Puppy Pack will be delivered through your door in a special presentation box. Inside you’ll find:

  • A beautiful portrait of your sponsored puppy with a magnetic photo frame to display it in (perfect for the fridge!)
  • A window sticker so you can show your support for Dogs for Good
  • An adorable plush dog* wearing their smart Dogs for Good jacket
  • Printed photos of your pup to treasure.

*Please note this toy is not suitable for dogs

Sponsors of Jeff & Nick will receive a Puppy Pack

You’ll receive our Puppy Pack when you sponsor Angel

Labrador Declan is our Digital Pup, meaning that when you sponsor him your goodies are delivered straight to your inbox. You’ll get:

  • An introduction to Declan by e-mail including a certificate to download
  • Desktop and phone wallpapers to download, so you can take Declan with you wherever you go!
  • An e-card from Declan on your birthday (or your gift recipient’s birthday)
  • Regular updates sharing milestones in your pup’s training, sent by e-mail.

Who will receive your updates?

You can sponsor Angel or Declan for yourself or a loved one – it makes a wonderful gift for any dog lover! If you sponsor Declan, you or your loved one will even receive an e-card on their birthday!

Any questions?

Read our FAQs and Terms and Conditions to find out more about our Sponsor a Puppy Scheme.

How your support helps

Your sponsorship means that you’re providing Dogs for Good with a regular donation. As a charity, we rely solely on donations to fund our work to #MakeLifePossible. Your sponsorship means you’re supporting your pup on their journey to one day transform someone’s life. We receive far more enquiries from people each year (over 5,000!) than we’re able to help, but every sponsorship means the next match is just around the corner. Our dogs enable independence and improve quality of life. Whether they’re an assistance dog, matched with a person with a physical disability or child with autism, or as a community dog, working with people with learning disabilities to meet their personal goals in the community, our dogs touch the lives of everyone they meet. It’s not just the physical support they provide; they help reduce loneliness and improve confidence, enabling the people they support to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.

Success story

Labradoodle Iris was part of our ‘Sponsor A Puppy’ programme and is pawsitive proof that a small regular gift can make a big difference!

George and assistance dog Iris

Iris passed through her puppy socialising and training with flying colours and we’re delighted to say that she is now successfully partnered with George.

George has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative condition which weakens his muscles and means he is gradually losing his independence.  He says Iris’ affectionate nature has made a big difference.
“At bedtime, she’ll come and lie over me on the bed and she also gives me lots of licks which is really nice,” he says.  “She also helps me by picking things up and helping me off with clothes like my socks and gloves.”