We all know the difference dogs can make to our lives. But for the people they support, our dogs can actually make life possible.

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As soon as Luna arrived, I knew life would be different...

– Allison

For getting up

Allison & Luna
Thanks to Georgie, I have the confidence to catch the bus.

– Carol

For getting out

Carol, Georgie & Julia
I can hardly believe how different my life is now.

– Jemima

For going to work

Jemima & Albert
We thought he’d never finish school…

– Joel’s mum

For going to school

Joel, Caddie & Pixel
I feel incredibly empowered thanks to Rumba

– Isabelle

For feeling free

Isabelle & Rumba
Sheila's enabled me to be more myself… to have a future.

– Zoe

For feeling more me

Zoe & Sheila
As soon as the dogs appear, so do the smiles.

– Community Dog Team

For meeting people

Style Acre Centre
Now we can do the simple things families do.

– Steven, Emily’s Dad

For keeping my family together

Emily & Oslo
Enter Maggie, exit anxiety.

– Kath

For when I can't

Kath, Mitchell & Maggie
Independence and confidence are priceless gifts.

– Alice

For when I can

Alice & Winter
We've seen her confidence soar.

For when life's too much

Beth & Maddie

For when it's not enough

Neil & Sage
She's opened up my world again.

– Neil

We bring people and dogs together to help make life possible

At Dogs for Good, we train dogs to help people affected by disability, dementia, autism, and other conditions and mental-health challenges — to live happier, healthier, more independent lives. These are dogs that open doors, that connect people, that bring families together. Dogs that help make everyday life possible in so many ways. Thousands of people enquire about our services every year. With your support, we can reach more of them through our carefully matched partnerships, family workshops and community initiatives.

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Tune in this Christmas to hear our BBC Radio 4 appeal, presented by our friend Andrew Cotter, sports broadcaster and occasional commentator of his beloved biscuit-loving Labradors Olive and Mabel. You can listen live, get the broadcast times and find out more on our Radio 4 appeal page. Watch the trailer Listen on the BBC

With your support, we can help more people make life possible.

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