Opening the door to a dream career

Jemima & Albert

After chronic health conditions prevented Jemima from attending university, assistance dog Albert opened the door for her to new possibilities. Now she’s pursuing her dream career at a prestigious law firm.

I felt like I had lost everything. In my first year of sixth form, I only managed to attend school for 20 per cent of the year. I spent most of my A-Levels trying to teach myself the subjects while in bed. I wish I’d had access to remote-learning then.

It wasn’t just her education that suffered. Jemima heard less and less from her friends and felt like she had lost her direction in life.

A NEW LIFE: Jemima has refused to let her disability define her — or her career choices.

Since being paired with Albert in 2021, day to day life couldn’t be more different for Jemima. Specially trained to meet Jemima’s needs, Albert enables Jemima to get to work and do daily tasks she wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

I don’t feel terrified to go out now. If I drop my keys, I know Albert will pick them up and I won’t pass out in the road due to my body not being able to regulate my blood pressure...Or if I take my jumper off, Albert will help me without dislocating my shoulder. He has relieved so much worry and anxiety and brings so much joy every day.
Because Albert can support me on my commute to work and during my working day, I felt confident to apply for the job I wanted, not the job I felt I had to have because of my disability.

As an apprentice solicitor at law firm Gowling WLG, Jemima has been able to go to university after all, too, but on her own terms.

Independence, for me, is being able to make life choices, without limitations and barriers. My assistance dog Albert gives me freedom in both my personal and professional life.

ALBERT THE ENERGISER: Albert’s infectious energy is not only a help, it’s also a motivator for Jemima… perhaps for her colleagues too, as Albert has quickly become the star of the office at the law firm where she works.

With Albert’s support, Jemima is now able to fulfil her professional ambitions and strengthen her connections with friends and colleagues.

Albert is so enthusiastic about working. He loves helping me so much that it makes me want to get up and do things.
I can take my career as far as I want to, because I don’t have to worry about having to ask colleagues to help me all the time.

"Dogs for Good has done an amazing job to train Albert to help me and I’m so thankful to have him. I can hardly believe how different my life is… I finally feel like because of Albert I can achieve the things I wanted to achieve."

The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023

Jemima and Albert have been nominated in the Hero Support Dog category.

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