From days in bed to a life worth living

Allison & Luna

Before the accident, Allison loved her job as a primary school teacher. She was an active person, always on the move. After injuring her spine, her career was cut short and she became increasingly isolated.

As Allison’s disability worsened, so did the impact on her life. She felt she was running out of things she could do for herself. Her disabilities meant that even everyday things like getting dressed, grocery shopping and doing the laundry really took it out of her.

I had very little energy left to go out and do the things I loved doing — especially being out in nature and socialising. As a result, I became very insular; sometimes not going out for a week or so and spending more and more time in bed. I really was in quite a bad place.
As soon as Luna, my assistance dog, arrived, I just knew life was going to be different. I woke up that next morning, and yeah, I was in pain as normal, but I just knew I had to get up and look after this beautiful dog I had.
It’s overwhelming, the mental effect she’s had on me. I feel she’s made my life worth living.

Having visited Allison previously, as part of the Dogs for Good matching process, Luna made it clear she’d chosen her new home.

She didn’t want to get into the car. She just sat there looking back at me. And when she left, she took a bit of my heart with her. I knew we were right for each other.

LIVING INDEPENDENTLY: Luna’s support is extraordinarily empowering for Allison, for whom the simplest everyday things had become hugely challenging.

Luna is very clever. There’s a huge long list of things she does for me; it's just incredible. But most importantly, she’s brought my confidence out from its hiding place.
We go out every day and because of that, I’ve met so many new friends. I used to feel self-conscious in my wheelchair because people used to stare. They now stare at my beautiful Luna — and that’s fine with me!
Dogs like Luna open doors, they connect people, they keep families together, they help make life possible in so many ways. Your support will enable more people to benefit from our dogs.

Your support will enable more people to make life possible.