Every day we rely on our extended family of volunteers to look after our puppies and dogs on their journey to making life possible for so many people.

Right now, we have an urgent need for more people to care and nurture our puppies through to young adolescent dogs, before their expert training begins.

How we socialise our life-changing puppies

Although no experience is necessary, we ask that you’re able to provide:

  • Have a fully-fenced safe and secure garden
  • Be away from the puppy for no more than two hours (in the first few weeks) and four hours (for the remaining time you have the puppy) per day
    You have no more than two pet dogs in the home
  • Drive or have access to someone at all times who can drive you and the puppy
  • With the support of our puppy department you will be willing to train the puppy in the basics, i.e. house training, general obedience and walking on the lead
  • Be able to spend some time every day on activities to meet the health and welfare needs of and socialise the puppy. Guidance will be given and environments that need to be covered at some stage include shops, cafes, train stations, buses, crowded and rural areas
  • Be able to attend monthly puppy classes and group visits and allow home visits from a member of our puppy training team
  • Provide the puppy with regular contact with children, other dogs and cats.

Food and vet bills are covered by the charity and full support and advice is provided by our team of Puppy Co-Ordinators.

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