Volunteer Temporary Boarders support the Charity by providing temporary accommodation for one of the charity’s dogs within the home environment.

Temporary Boarding Roles explained

The Full Time Temporary Boarder looks after a dog of any age, in their home full time to cover staff, client or puppy socialiser holiday or illness. You may have the dog for a weekend, a week or a couple of months and this will be discussed before the dog arrives. This role may be available in a range of locations.

The Bed and Breakfast Temporary Boarder drops off and collects a dog in training at our Banbury centre, every weekday, keeping the dog at home in the evenings, overnight and at weekends where they can relax, keeping up the feeding and exercise requirements for that particular dog. We normally ask for dogs to be dropped off between 8am-9am and collected between 5pm-7pm.

The Flexi Boarder can cover both aspects of Bed and Breakfast Boarding and full-time boarding. The Flexi boarder will sometimes be asked to drop off and collect a dog daily during the working week or the Trainer may pick the dog up and then drop it back a few hours later once the dog has been worked. These times will typically be around half a working day. Dogs can be dropped off between 8am-9am. Collected or dropped off between 12- 1pm also 5pm-7pm. A Flexi Boarder would also keep a dog at home in the evening, overnight and weekends.

The Bed and Breakfast and Flexi Boarder must be based close to our Banbury centre as these roles support our dogs in early training. In the event of a dog needing medical attention, you may need to travel to our charity veterinary practice based in Brackley. The out of hours veterinary practice is based in Bicester.

We currently need more Flexi Volunteer Boarders to look after our dogs in training (usually aged around 14 – 21 months old), for around 18 weeks while they complete their formal training.

From time to time, we also need volunteers to look after dogs recovering from an operation or illness.  If you would be interested in this role as well as other types of boarding, please ask for more details when you speak to a member of staff following after you’ve completed your enquiry form.

Temporary Boarder criteria

We need boarders to meet the following criteria:

  • Have no more than two pet dogs in the home, who have been in the home for more than 6 months
  • Have a safe and secure garden
  • Any children in the home must be aged two or over.
  • We welcome temporary boarders with cats that are used to living with dogs.
  • Need to be available to attend a training session.
  • Live in the following areas:
    • Middleton Cheney
    • Hanwell Fields
    • Brackley
    • Kings Sutton
    • Bodicote
    • Banbury

All food and vet bills will be covered by the charity. Our expert trainers will give support and advice on caring for our dog in training.

Register your interest

If you can help care for one of our dogs, please complete our enquiry form and a member of staff will be in touch.

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