PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently looking for Temporary Boarders, but please keep checking this page as we may reopen applications in the future.

Boarders will be looking after our dogs in training (usually aged around 14 – 20 month old).

We need boarders to:

  • Look after a dog in their home for around 18 weeks while they complete their formal training, including over the Christmas break.
  • Be generally at home between Monday and Friday so that our trainers can pick up and drop off for training sessions.
  • Any children must be aged two or over.
  • Not have cats. Unfortunately at this moment in time, we’re not able to accept any more applications from households with cats as not all of our dogs can live with them.
  • Live in the following areas:
    • Middleton Cheney
    • Hanwell Fields
    • Brackley
    • Banbury postcodes: OX16 4, OX16 3, OX16 2 and OX16 5

All food and vet bills will be covered by the charity. Our expert trainers will give support and advice on caring for our dog in training.

We also need volunteers to look after a dog if their trainer or client is on holiday or is unwell.