Dogs for Good have their own breeding programme with several brood bitches and a stud dog.  This is a small breeding programme, but a vital way of ensuring that the Charity has a good supply of puppies, which will be trained to become life changing dogs.

Brood bitches are selected at around the age of 18 months old and will be either Labradors or Golden Retriever breeds and it is expected that they will have approximately three to four litters before being retired.

The role of the Breed Stock Holder is to care for the brood bitch in their home with the support and guidance of the Charity.  They will also need to care for the brood bitch through pregnancy and with its new litter of puppies.  The puppies will spend their first seven weeks at the Breed Stock Holder’s home. (Learn more about the first 8 weeks in a puppy’s life).


Although no experience is necessary as all relevant support and training will be provided, Breed Stock Holders are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Ideally you should live within 30 – 40 minutes drive of Banbury
  • Be a dog lover with a calm and caring disposition
  • Have facilities to enable the bitch to give birth in comfort
  • Be in a position to devote time to the bitch i.e. not in full time employment
  • Be willing to transport the brood bitch to and from The Frances Hay Centre in Banbury.

Next steps

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We have to limit our areas to ensure our  Dog Supply Co-ordinator is able to effectively support our Breed Stock Holders and their litter. Please enter your postcode below to see if you are in the areas that we are currently recruiting Breed Stock Holder volunteers.