Registered Speaker

Speaker Training Workshop – 13th October

Our next Speaker Training Workshop is being held on Saturday 13th October at our Banbury centre, from 10am – 2.30pm. Contact Lydia to book your free place on 01295 759811 or [email protected]

What our Registered Speakers do

We are always looking for volunteers to give talks about Dogs for Good to various groups including:

  • Schools
  • Community groups such as Scouts, Young Farmers, Rotary, Masons and Women’s Institute

Training is very informal and covers:

  • Charity background
  • How we train and care for our dogs
  • What to include in a talk
  • How to organise your own talks
  • Admin – paperwork, donations and merchandise
  • Hand-outs will be provided to all attendees

There will be no pressure from us about how many talks you give, and you can always say no! The only thing we do ask is that once you have committed to give a talk you don’t cancel unless it is an emergency.

Registered Speaker Nikki with assistance dog Pippin

“My life has turned upside down from when I first got Pippin – both from a disability perspective and for personal reasons, but Pippin is my constant rock. Thanks to him I’ve pursued a career and can be alone without worrying about falling.

“I volunteer for Dogs for Good to tell others how an assistance dog helps, and as my way of repaying the charity for what they’ve done for me.”

Next steps

If you would like to attend a Speaker Training Workshop, or hear more about the Registered Speaker role, please contact the Community Fundraising team on 01295 252 600 or [email protected].