We are regularly asked for advice about how to become a Dog Trainer. Our Director of Training recommends that people gain as much practical experience as possible. This can be in the form of attending a local dog training school and observing the trainer, working as a kennel assistant at a boarding kennels, or voluntary work at a dog rescue centre. The more practical experience you can demonstrate you have to a prospective employer, the better.

Your nearby Dog training centres can be found via your local veterinary practice, by looking in the yellow pages, or searching the internet. Although it is not a requirement that we insist upon when advertising for Dog Trainers, a course in Animal Management can also be a useful tool. These courses tend to be run at Agricultural Colleges, so contact your nearest one to enquire whether they run these. A dog grooming course could also prove to be beneficial.

Our Dog Trainers advise that there is a lot of competition for the very few jobs that become available in this type of field. Therefore, they recommend that you are determined that being a Dog Trainer is the career for you, and that you are the right type of person for the job; remember that being a Dog Trainer often means working in all weathers, working unsociable hours, sometimes at short notice, so you must be extremely committed.

We have very few Dog Trainer vacancies that arise, but when they do they are advertised here on our website, which is updated regularly.