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A Dogs for Good autism assistance dog gives the parent and child real independence, and provides a safer environment for the child so they feel more secure.

Having unlimited access to public places with the dog enables the whole family to do simple things such as shopping, which may have been impossible before.

The dog wears a special harness which connects it to both parent and child, and acts on instructions from the parent while the child is encouraged to walk alongside the dog.

This offers greater independence to the child and parent, whilst ensuring the child is safe and unable to ‘bolt’ if they become stressed or anxious. ‘Bolting’ behaviour is also combated by training the assistance dog to automatically sit should the child attempt to run off.

A fully-trained autism assistance dog can help change behaviour by:

  • Introducing routines
  • Reducing bolting behaviour
  • Interrupting repetitive behaviour
  • Helping a child with autism cope with unfamiliar surroundings.

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