We are delighted to share with you virtual course dates starting in January 2023. The service is for UK residents and UK residents that are temporarily living abroad with at least one child with autism. Each live session lasts one to 2 hours.

Please note:

  • Please only register for one course.
  • All the courses are the same and you will need to attend all the dates to complete it.
  • If the course selected is already full, please return to this page using the back button in your browser and select another course, please do not click the HOME button. You will not have a confirmed place on the course by selecting the individual sessions.
  • Once you have clicked ‘checkout’, you will receive an email from us to complete payment of £60.00 (for the entire course) which confirms your booking. Please check your junk mailbox.
  • The group/series will only be removed from the website when all places have been secured and paid for. Any unsecured places will have their registration removed after 48 hours so places can become available again. Please do keep checking.
  • If we do not receive enough bookings for a course, it may be cancelled and you will be offered a place in another Group. This is so you will have a better experience with the course.

Course B1

Intro 11 January 2023 10am B1
Workshop 1 18 January 2023 10am B1
Workshop 2 15 February 2023 10am B1
Workshop 3 15 March 2023 10am B1

Click here to register for course B1.

Course D1

Intro 24 January 2023 1pm D1
Workshop 1 31 January 2023 1pm D1
Workshop 2 28 February 2023 1pm D1
Workshop 3 28 March 2023 1pm D1

Click here to register for course D1.

Course E1

Intro 25 January 2023 10am E1
Workshop 1 01 February 2023 10am E1
Workshop 2 01 March 2023 10am E1
Workshop 3 29 March 2023 10am E1

Click here to register for course E1.

Course F1

Intro 27 January 2023 10am F1
Workshop 1 03 February 2023 10am F1
Workshop 2 03 March 2023 10am F1
Workshop 3 31 March 2023 10am F1

Click here to register for course F1.

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