The Family Dog Service is for UK residents and UK residents that are temporarily living abroad.  Our Virtual Workshops are pre-recorded and accessed via an online platform called SharePoint.

There are three main Workshops (1, 2, and 3).

There is an optional additional Workshop called ‘Selecting the Right Dog’, which can be accessed on SharePoint.

Each Virtual Workshop is accompanied by a corresponding ‘Workshop Live’ event, held as a group video call on Microsoft Teams.

Each group starts with an Introductory Live session, followed by three Workshop Live sessions, and costs £60 in total.
The ‘Workshop Lives’ are held on the group’s dates you book on to when booking your ticket.

The Intro Live lasts around 45 minutes.

Each Workshop Live lasts around 1.5 – 2 hours.

Please note:

  • Once you have registered for your group, a payment window/page will follow. Please complete payment to secure your place.
  • If you do not secure your place straight after registration and still wish to attend, you will need to email [email protected] for assistance.
  • We may need to cancel a group if one receives low bookings. You will then be offered a place in an alternative group, so that you get the best experience in the Workshop Lives.”

Wednesday Morning Workshops – Group F1 (Online)

Introduction – 7th February 2024, 10am

Workshop 1 – 14th February 2024, 10am

Workshop 2 – 13th March 2024, 10am

Workshop 3 – 10th April 2024, 10am

Book Group F1

Monday Afternoon Workshops – Group J1 (Online)

Introduction – 15th April 2024, 1pm

Workshop 1 – 22nd April 2024, 1pm

Workshop 2 – 20th May 2024, 1pm

Workshop 3 – 17th June 2024, 1pm

Book Group J1

Tuesday Morning Workshops – Group K1 (Online)

Introduction – 16th April 2024, 10am

Workshop 1 – 23rd April 2024, 10am

Workshop 2 – 21st May 2024, 10am

Workshop 3 – 18th June 2024, 10am

Book Group K1

Wednesday Morning Workshops – Group L1 (Online)

Introduction – 1st May 2024, 10am

Workshop 1 – 8th May 2024, 10am

Workshop 2 – 5th June 2024, 10am

Workshop 3 – 3rd July 2024, 10am

Book Group L1

Thursday Afternoon Workshops – Group M1 (Online)

Introduction – 2nd May 2024, 1pm

Workshop 1 – 9th May 2024, 1pm

Workshop 2 – 6th June 2024, 1pm

Workshop 3 – 4th July 2024, 1pm

Book Group M1

Friday Morning Workshops – Group N1 (Online)

Introduction – 3rd May 2024, 10am

Workshop 1 – 10th May 2024, 10am

Workshop 2 – 7th June 2024, 10am

Workshop 3 – 5th July 2024, 10am

Book Group N1

Thursday Evening Workshops – Group O1 (Online)

Introduction – 18th April 2024, 7:30pm

Workshop 1 – 25th April 2024, 7:30pm

Workshop 2 – 23rd May 2024, 7:30pm

Workshop 3 – 20th June 2024, 7:30pm

Book Group O1

Can’t find a suitable date for attending one of our workshops?  Complete our expression of interest form and we’ll let you know when new workshops become available.