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How to teach your dog ‘paw’

It doesn’t matter whether your dog’s young or old, big or small, dogs love to learn new things and it’s a great way to build the bond with your dog and help you both get the most out of your relationship.

This is the first in our Teach Your Dog … features, and to make it really easy we’ve started with something simple, but that your friends and family will think is super-friendly – your dog offering his paw.

Follow these three simple steps to help your dog learn to say hello.

Make sure you have plenty of treats to reward.

Step 1

When your dog is in a sit position, tickle the back of one of your dogs front feet (choose the same leg to begin with!). As soon as she moves her foot then give her a treat.

Step 2

As she starts to predict you tickling her foot then just hold your hand a little further away so she starts to lift her paw herself. As soon as she does this then give her a treat.

Step 3

Now start to hold your hand a little higher so she learns to lift her paw to meet your hand.

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