Each of our pups along with their volunteer socialisers attend monthly puppy classes run by our Puppy Coordinators. We hold these classes at our centres in Banbury and Bristol.

Watch our Dogs for Good Puppy class and see Alvin, Callie, Digby and Dotty in action. The classes are fun for socialisers and puppies and are an important preparation for their early training as assistance dogs.

Dogs for Good puppy class from Dogs for Good on Vimeo.

The classes develop the puppies training in a controlled environment, that is somewhere different to their home setting.  Our young pups will learn obedience training including sits, stays and waits in a busier environment. They also work on recall and learning to settle.

Our socialisers will also be able to practice skills such as grooming and health checks. This is an important part of building a bond with a dog and ensuring our young dogs feel relaxed when meeting people.

We make sure the classes are fun for the puppy and there’s lots of chance for our volunteers to ask questions and share the unique experience of caring for our assistance dog pups.

Meet Puppy Coordinator Abbie 

Abbie runs puppy classes at our Banbury Centre.

She supports our volunteer puppy socialisers and helps them care for our learner pups through the first stage on their journey to become life-changing dogs.

Read Abbie’s blog to find out about her role.