Care for puppies in Bristol

Do you live in the Bristol area and could you commit to caring for a puppy in your home for 14 – 18 months?

We need loving homes for our special puppies in training in the Bristol area. Our volunteer socialisers ensure that our pups have the best start on their journey to become life-changing dogs, so this is a hugely rewarding role.


Although no experience is necessary, puppy socialisers are required to meet the following criteria:

  • You live in or near Bristol
  • You have a fully-fenced safe and secure garden
  • You are away from the puppy for no more than two hours (in the first few weeks) and four hours (for the remaining time you have the puppy) per day
  • You have no more than two existing pet dogs
  • You drive or have access to someone at all times who can drive you and the puppy
  • You are able to, with the support of our puppy department train the puppy in the basics, i.e. house training, general obedience and walking on the lead
  • You are able to spend some time every day on activities to socialise the puppy.  Environments that need to be covered at some time include train stations, buses, shops and crowded and rural areas
  • You are able to attend monthly puppy classes and allow home visits from a member of our puppy training team
  • You are able to provide the puppy with regular contact with children, other dogs and cats.

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We have to limit our areas to ensure our Puppy Coordinators are able to effectively support our socialisers and their puppies. Please enter your postcode below to see if you are in the areas that we are currently recruiting puppy volunteers.

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