It all starts with a tiny puppy…

Selected from breeders at about 6 weeks of age, we look for a sociable and confident, well-reared pup who likes to play with toys but also loves interacting with people. The parents of our pups have good, below breed average health results outlined by the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association schemes.

We take donations of puppies from breeders but also purchase them. When the puppy is collected from the breeder it has a health check by our charity vet and is given its first vaccination. We also have a breeding programme of our own.

Tiny pup

New pup recruits

This year around 70 puppies will take their first steps on an exciting journey to become life-changing dogs. Meet some of our latest puppy recruits

Breeds we work with

Our pups are mainly Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Working Cocker Spaniels and their crosses.  These breeds love to carry and retrieve, but also are recognised for their willingness to work with humans. However we are always keen to investigate training other working breeds. Read about the breeds we work with.