We have our own small but growing breeding programme. Last year we welcomed 62 puppies and we currently have 12 brood bitches and 1 stud dog.

Dogs for Good – our breeding scheme from Dogs for Good on Vimeo.

Our brood bitches and stud dog live with our volunteer Breed Stock Holders and are cared for according to the highest welfare and breeding standards.

The brood bitches we select have various assessments through their puppy hood to assess their character to ensure they are confident in various environments, sociable, and have qualities which will hopefully be passed onto their offspring.

Our brood bitches have their pups in the home. They have a maximum of four litters, one year apart between the age of two and six years old. They are fully health tested as are the sires. Becci is one of our volunteers and looks after Sybil. Read her experiences of being a Breed Stock Holder.

Dogs for Good has ‘Assured Breeder’ status from the Kennel Club.