Working with dogs would be in the top 10 best jobs for many of us, so how about spending your working day surrounded by puppies? That’s a normal day for a Puppy Coordinator.

Puppy Coordinator Abbie supports our volunteer puppy socialisers, helping them care for our learner pups through the first stage on their journey to become life-changing dogs.

Puppy coordinatorWhat does your role involve?

I help to recruit puppy socialisers and guide and support them as they socialise a puppy for the charity. These amazing volunteers care for a puppy in their home for around 14 – 16 months. I carry out regular visits to the socialisers and their pups, take them on trips out, and teach a monthly puppy class at the Charity’s centre in Banbury.

Tell us about a typical day?

I don’t really have a typical day! Every day is different and emergencies can occur that can change everything!  I try to have office time in the morning to answer emails and telephone messages, and then I’m usually out doing home visits. The visits can range from puppy training in the home to taking the puppy on public transport.

What is the best part of your job?

Helping train the puppies, but also working with the puppy socialisers who kindly give their time to help train and socialise our puppies. We wouldn’t be able to carry out our work without them.

Have you always worked with dogs?

When I was a teenager I wasn’t allowed to own a dog as I was too young, so I would walk my neighbour’s dogs and my passion to work with dogs grew from there. Before I joined Dogs for Good I worked with rescue cats and dogs at the Blue Cross and in my spare time I was a class assistant for a local dog trainer.  I am now very lucky to share my life with two American Cocker Spaniels who I have learnt a lot from.

Can you sum up in one sentence what it means to you working for Dogs for Good?

Working for Dogs for Good is so rewarding and it’s just an amazing experience to be help volunteers train puppies who grow up to make such a positive impact on peoples lives.

Could you care for a puppy?

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