Through our experience supporting children with assistance dogs, we are now exploring how trained dogs working alongside a professional handler can bring benefits to children in schools.

Launched in 2014, our Community Dogs for Schools programme has focused on bringing the benefits of Animal Assisted Intervention to students in Special Educational Needs Schools

How it works

The trained school dog and specialist handler become part of the fabric of daily school life, working in partnership with the educational staff and trained therapists in the school. Together, they help progress the educational, social, emotional and physical development of individual students and groups.

The school dog and handler participate in classroom activities, work with individual students and groups in structured and goal oriented sessions and support the therapists in school in a range of therapeutic settings e.g. physiotherapy.

Find out more about how Community Dogs for Schools works.

Our schools programme is delivering significant benefits to students and has made a positive contribution to the working environment of the schools we’ve worked with. Find out more.

You can watch this in action and read more about our partnership with Stocklake Park School in Aylesbury.

Interested in a School Dog?

If you are a school who is interested in our Community Dog for Schools programme, click here to download our information sheet.