Using Animal Assisted Intervention we can help people facing real challenges experience the benefits of dogs in a therapeutic and meaningful way. 

Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) is the term given to a goal-directed intervention where a trained dog and practitioner work to promote improvements in physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive functioning of a person.

It means that for the first time, we can bring our services and knowledge to a greater number of people who can be helped in small one to one sessions or feel the benefits of working in small groups.

Our practitioners will be working regularly with individuals to help build a relationship between them and a trained dog.  Working with a therapist, support worker, a health care provider or an educational specialist the AAI practitioner will help a person move towards achieving goals to support their particular needs. 

As the relationship develops and goals are reached, the need for animal assisted intervention can be evaluated and, if required, further goals can be set.   

Our Community Dog work uses Animal Assisted Intervention techniques:

Community Dogs for schools
Community Dogs projects