5 ways that dogs can help us reconnect and feel better

February 19, 2020

Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways. Internet shopping, keeping up with family and friends who are far away, teaching new skills, controlling lights and appliances, heating and even doors at the touch of a screen!  While we also know tech brings us some great opportunities, at… Read More

Our super-friendly community dogs

February 17, 2020

If you were writing a job description for our community dogs, top of the key list of attributes would have to be to ‘an ability to make friends easily’.  Our community dogs work with their handlers providing animal assisted therapy to dozens of different people during their… Read More

A day in the life of a Puppy Socialiser

February 6, 2020

My name is Vikki and I am a volunteer puppy socialiser for Dogs for Good. This means that I have one of their puppies to socialise from the age of eight weeks, normally up to about 12-14 months. As my children grew up, I knew I needed more… Read More