A day in the life of an assistance dog

November 7, 2019

It costs just £4.69 to support the cost of a working dog for one day – about the same as a coffee and slice of cake.  Each day, our dogs provide support enabling people to live independently … here’s what a typical day can look like … and all for… Read More

A Q&A with television director Barny Revill

November 6, 2019

What does the Power of Dogs mean to you? The power of dogs is their ability to bring joy and happiness to so many. Life can be hard, and that can mean such different things to different people. Yet dogs have the power to make a difference. That can be a profound lifesaving impact,… Read More

A Q&A with Stephen Jenkinson, Access Adviser to The Kennel Club

November 1, 2019

Stephen Jenkinson has been the Kennel Club’s Access and Countryside advisor for 17 years. Working from his island home in Orkney he travels across the globe helping people to support the benefits of dog walking, while minimising any adverse impacts on livestock, wildlife or other people. He took some time… Read More

Our top 7distractions to help your dog on bonfire night

October 31, 2019

The approach of 5th November can raise concerns in any dog or pet owning house-hold.  The threat of unpredictable bangs and flashes can turn even the most relaxed and happy four-legged friend into a bundle of stress and fear; frightened by the loud noises and looking for any way to… Read More