Top tips for enjoying Christmas with your puppy

December 13, 2016

Christmas is an exciting time for humans and dogs alike, but it’s also a time of increased temptations for your puppy. Read our tips to make sure you and your pup have an enjoyable time over the festive period. Christmas tree and presents Christmas trees, decorations and presents will… Read More

Top tips to keep your dog healthy this winter

December 2, 2016

With the temperature now dropping, are you and your dog ready for winter? Read our top 5 tips to keep your dog healthy this winter: Watch out if pavements have been salted or gritted as the chemicals in de-icer salt can be an irritant to your dog’s pads. Wipe… Read More

How dogs are helping adults with autism to learn road safety

November 22, 2016

Our Community Dog service works with Kingwood, an organisation which supports adults with autism to lead more independent lives. An improvement in road safety is one of the goals they work towards with our specially trained dogs. Community Dog Handler Sarah explains how she worked with Millie… Read More

How autism assistance dogs help with road safety

November 21, 2016

Walking beside or crossing the road can be a minefield for parents of a child with autism. During Road Safety Week, we’re highlighting how autism assistance dogs are specially trained to keep autistic children safe. Beth, now nine years old, was diagnosed with autism when she was… Read More