How does a dog help a whole school?

March 23, 2016

Our Community Dogs work alongside specially trained handlers in communities and schools helping children and adults to overcome specific challenges and develop life-skills.  Patience, a yellow Labrador is one of two dogs working in special educational needs schools helping students get even more out of their time at school. … Read More

Becoming a runner: how and why I run

March 21, 2016

I started running in January 2015 after seeing a friend do so well. I joined a beginners group and we went from running for one min to 10k. Suddenly I was a runner! I entered a 10k race and loved it, kept that distance up in my ‘spare’ time, and… Read More

This animal job makes and breaks your heart every year

March 20, 2016

When Sue Randell’s grandchildren wanted a puppy, she was the only person in a position to make their dreams come true. Having owned a pet dog years before, she knew only too well the joy a canine companion can bring. Now retired, Sue didn’t take much convincing that a… Read More