Golden Labrador on snowy walk

With the temperature now dropping, are you and your dog ready for winter?

Read our top 5 tips to keep your dog healthy this winter:

  1. Watch out if pavements have been salted or gritted as the chemicals in de-icer salt can be an irritant to your dog’s pads. Wipe your dog’s paws with a cloth and warm water when you return home.
  2. Remember to check your dog’s paws as ice and snow can ball up in the space in between the toes. This again can be removed by using warm water and a cloth, and as usual towel-dry your dog if they have got wet during your walk.
  3. Keeping warm in winter is especially important if your dog has any arthritic signs or suffers from stiff joints. When the weather turns really cold with severe frosts, they will benefit from a warm heat pad in their bed at night.
  4. Try to take your dog for a walk as early in the day as possible to take full advantage of the light.
  5. Remember to keep plenty of your dog’s food in stock just in case deliveries are unable to get through.