Christmas with your pup

Christmas is an exciting time for humans and dogs alike, but it’s also a time of increased temptations for your puppy. Read our tips to make sure you and your pup have an enjoyable time over the festive period.

Christmas tree and presents

Christmas trees, decorations and presents will all be novel objects to a puppy, so they’ll be inquisitive and will want to investigate:

  • Put ornaments higher up on the tree to prevent your puppy pulling them off and chewing / swallowing them. Any edible ornaments may be better off at the top of the tree to reduce the temptation.
  • Be aware when putting presents under the tree, that these might be very interesting to a puppy. If your pup is insistent on getting to the presents, you may need to cordon the area off to limit your pup’s access.
  • Ensure that the fairy lights wires and plug sockets are out of reach and also not near the puppy’s water bowl.

Remember when having visitors over the Christmas period that your puppy should still be learning his house manners and general obedience:

  • Advise visitors on how you would like them to interact with your puppy i.e. if he is jumping up, do not speak to him or stroke him until he has sat and calmed.
  • Ensure your puppy has a quiet space to themselves with some bones/toys.
  • Always supervise your puppy around children.

As this is a time for lots of eating and drinking, there will be extra temptations for your puppy:

  • Ensure food is kept out of reach.
  • Supervise your puppy or limit your puppy’s access to places whilst food is around to ensure that they don’t get a chance to steal.
  • It is very tempting to treat your puppy, but be aware of the amounts and what you are giving them. Giving them different treats to normal can cause upset stomachs.