Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

If your company runs a Charity of the Year programme, you could make a huge difference to Dogs for Good. Whatever your role in the business, most employers really value hearing suggestions from their employees. Simply putting our name on the nomination form will help to raise our profile and that helps us.

If we become your Charity of the Year, we will look for ways to build a partnership with your company. It is an exciting opportunity for us to work closely with you to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. We all know that the best partnerships come through shared goals. Our aim is to work closely with you to shape a campaign that delivers something special for both of us.

Choose Dogs for Good as your Charity of the Year and you will make a significant difference to our important work. You will also encourage and motivate your colleagues.

Ways we Create Successful Charity of the Year Partnerships

We have a powerful social media presence and excellent press contacts. We use these to promote our partnerships and reach our highly engaged audience. Our partners extend their brand reach to animal lovers, our clients and our numerous supporters.

Because our assistance dogs support people with a wide variety of needs, our charity of the year partners benefit. Dogs for Good has provided dogs for people with disabilities and autistic children for many years. More recently, we have been working with people in the early stages of dementia and provide community dogs for schools. The mainstream media sees us as a leading authority on assistance dogs which gives us, and our partners, press exposure on a growing number of occasions.

There is a wide range of fundraising opportunities that your company can get involved with as part of our partnership. For example, your teams can get involved with ongoing fundraising, team building or volunteering at high profile events like Crufts.

We also embrace ideas, expertise and skills that you might bring too. We can explore ways your team can provide practical help or your company can provide specific items or services.

Our incredible dogs change people’s lives. We are still moved to tears by some of the stories we hear from individuals and families who’s outlook as been transformed by their assistance dog. It is a privilege to work with these amazing people and their canine partners – and we hope you will be inspired to share this privilege with us.

To find out more about making us your charity of the year contact Cathryn on 01295 252600 or email [email protected].