Cause Related Marketing and Dogs for Good

We know that cause related marketing is a great concept but it needs to be more than a buzz phrase! If you are looking for a suitable partnership then you need to know about the audiences we connect with. We believe we offer great opportunities for pet supplies businesses, but our audience extends beyond animal lovers. Many of our clients are wheelchair users and many others are autistic children. We also work with people living with dementia and our community dogs support children in schools.

Cause Related Marketing

In our experience, when you partner with Dogs for Good, you can drive sales, engage customers and create brand affinity. Whether you are launching a new product or marketing your existing range, a Cause-Related Marketing initiative with Dogs for Good can raise money for our cause whilst enhancing your reputation, demonstrating its values whilst enlisting consumer loyalty and boosting credibility.

If you would like to explore ways we can work together, please contact Cathryn, our Corporate Partnerships Manager. You can call her on 01295 252600 or email [email protected].