Lloyds gardening corporate team building

Sometimes companies like to put their teams at the heart of their charity support. If this is true for your company, there are many different ways to get involved with Dogs for Good. People enjoy working together and thrive in the positive and productive environment it creates. It also gives your team a rewarding focal point that reaches beyond their daily work goals.

Are you looking for a conventional team building event or bit of lighthearted competition to see which department can run the most successful fundraiser? If you are, Dogs for Good is your perfect partner and, together, we can build a happy and successful team.

Team Building Days for Charity

Bring your team to spend a day with us at our training centre near Banbury. You will all learn about our work training assistance dogs for people with disabilities, as well as having lots of challenging fun.

We’ve devised a programme that provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the lives of people with disabilities. Teams are amazed when they experience first-hand some of the challenges people face on a daily basis as they tackle a series of obstacles whilst using mobility aids.

Have a go at clicker training, our positive approach to dog training. You will be surprised to discover ways to transfer this into building positive working and social relationships too. Also, you have a unique opportunity to guide your colleagues through a challenge just using a clicker device!

To find out more contact Cathryn: [email protected] or call 01295 759805.

Join an Employee Fundraising or Challenge Event

From skydiving to running a marathon, cake sales to dress down days, you can be sponsored for anything. Join our fundraising challenge events and give yourself the opportunity to raise money for the charity and stretch yourself at the same time. If that’s not your thing, there are many different ways to raise money in your workplace and you can even challenge another department in your company to see who can raise the most. Our corporate partners say that a bit of healthy competition is always fun! Take a look at some of the popular ideas from Dogtober 2018 or get in touch with Cathryn and she’ll be pleased to share ideas with you. Email  [email protected] or call 01295 759805.

Charity Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy and tax efficient way to make a regular gift to Dogs for Good. It goes straight from your salary and it is taken before tax so it’s worth even more to us. A £5 monthly gift will only cost you £4. This may not sound much but your £4 plus the tax will pay for the cost of feeding a puppy in training for a whole week! Your gift will make a huge difference to us.

If you would like to set up a regular gift through your salary please complete our secure, online payroll giving form. We will make the necessary arrangements with your employer so it’s very simple for you to do. All you need is your employer number and national insurance number, which you should find on your payslip. Set up your regular payroll gift.

If your employer doesn’t have a payroll giving scheme in place, it’s simple and free of charge for them to set one up. They just need to contact an approved Payroll Giving Agency and we can talk to your payroll team if they are unsure how to do this.

To find out more contact Cathryn: [email protected] or 01295 759805.

Local Volunteers

We really value the company partners who support our local volunteers. Our local volunteers are invaluable advocates for Dogs for Good who represent the charity at local meetings or events. Some companies allow staff time off work for their volunteering and others provide an entire team for a bigger event or festival. You can get involved and help us attract more support for all aspects of our work.

To find out more contact Cathryn: [email protected] or 01295 759805.