Group of people and dogs fundraising in a supermarket

Volunteer Community Fundraiser – Role Description


As we are a charity, our work relies heavily on the generosity of our supporters. As a Community Fundraiser, you will be supporting our fundraising activities on a local level to ensure we can continue to support the incredible work that Dogs for Good aims to deliver each year.

Responsible to

Community Fundraising Team.

Appointment requirements

Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of Dogs for Good’s policies). It is expected that whilst volunteering for this role you will undertake regulated activity.

The responsibilities of the role

  • Placing collection boxes in appropriate sites in your local area.
  • Dealing with the administration of the collection boxes (includes collecting the money, providing receipts and keeping records of money collected at each site).
  • Counting money raised and paying this into the Dogs for Good bank account.
  • Identifying new sites in your local area where collection boxes can be placed.
  • Supporting us at street and store collections.
  • Collecting and banking public cheque donations from around your local area.
  • Promoting Dogs for Good by helping convey our fundraising messages both on the internet and in your local area.
  • Supporting our campaigns and fundraising products.
  • Creating any fundraising ideas and events you can think that will help generate funds.
  • Promote the fundraising guide available from Dogs for Good within schools, organisations that may help generate funds.
  • Thank donors/supporters.

Potential skills for a Community Fundraiser

  • You are friendly, engaging and comfortable meeting members of the general public and networking with your local communities.
  • You enjoy being a member of a team but are also able to work effectively without direct supervision. Be trustworthy and reliable.
  • You have numeracy skills, are able to keep basic financial records and are happy handling money.
  • You are comfortable representing Dogs for Good in public and being a great ambassador.

The benefits for you

  • Enhance your CV and gain practical experience of fundraising activities in the voluntary sector.
  • Gain confidence in communicating effectively with a wide range of people.
  • Enhance your organisational skills.
  • An opportunity to engage with your local communities.
  • Making a real impact in supporting Dogs for Good.
  • Join the family of volunteers and make a difference in your community.

Who will I be volunteering with?

You may be volunteering as part of a team, or independently. Please be reassured that there are other volunteers and staff around all of the time to support you.

How much time will I need to give?

The amount of time you’ll need to give is very flexible with this role. It may be an hour a week, or any amount of hours per week should you be able to.  This role you are in control of the time you can give and when you decide to volunteer with us. Every hour you give will be hugely appreciated and valuable.

Other tasks agreed with the Line Manager.


If you’re a new volunteer and would like to apply for this role, please complete the form below.  If you’re an existing volunteer, please email us.

We look forward to seeing you as part of our community fundraising team.