Like most children during lockdown, Luke is being home-schooled, keeping him company is his trusted companion and best friend, Sunley – an assistance dog trained to help Luke live more independently. Perhaps not surprisingly, when Luke was asked to do a descriptive piece of writing using metaphors, his inspiration came in his four-legged friend. We loved his homework so much that we wanted to share it with you.

Sunley (the best dog in the world)

My dog, Sunley, is a gigantic fluffball. He is a big scaredy-cat, no literally, he is big and scared of the cat!

He has soft, floppy ears and a wet, black nose. His tail is a bushy wagging machine and his eyes are as black as space but twinkle like the stars when he is happy. His fur is as golden as the sun and he is as delightful as a warm summer’s day.

He is as big as a giant but as soft as cotton wool. He is a hoover, a face-licker, a treat-gobbler and thing of beauty and joy. He is scared of water but loves chasing a ball. He likes to sit by me and brings me comfort and he helps me in more ways than he will ever know. He is a big, soft teddy bear but best of all, he is my best friend!

Assistance dog Sunley with his best friend Luke