For the first instalment of a new series, we sat down with Annabelle Charman, our Chair of Trustees, to chat about why she volunteers for Dogs for Good and what the charity means to her.

How do you volunteer and what does that look like?

Before joining the Trustee Board in August 2018, I had spent a long period searching for my first trustee role. It was really important to me to join a charity which had core values similar to my own and Dogs for Good felt like the perfect fit. As part of the Trustee Board, I am collectively responsible for the management, governance and control of the charity. Together with my fellow trustees and the Executive Team we make decisions about the charities policies, objectives and future strategy.  I also sit on two of the advisory committee for Safeguarding and Governance.

Why Dogs for Good?

I really do love being part of Dogs for Good and knowing that I am contributing in my own small way. Volunteering with Dogs for Good is hugely rewarding and spending time with all of the dedicated staff and volunteers feels like being part of a family.  I have been fortunate enough to meet several of the clients and families who we support and every time I do. it reminds me why our work is so valuable and life changing, both for the people we support and the dogs who make their lives possible.

A brunette woman wearing a Dogs for Good T-shirt sits alongside a golden retriever, whose mouth is slightly open as if smiling

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering with Dogs for Good?

Spending time with our wonderful dogs is one of my favourite things!  What really continues to inspire me though is how innovative and well respected the charity is and how we continue to lead the way in promoting the value of the connection between people and dogs. Knowing that I am a very small part of that is just wonderful.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering at DFG?

Based on my experience. I would certainly encourage anyone who is considering volunteering at DFG to join the team! It is such a rewarding experience, and you will have a dedicated and supportive group of people and dogs to work alongside. Everyone’s commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring and their dedication to the welfare of our dogs is evident in everything they do. If anyone is interested in knowing more about the trustee role specifically, then please feel free to contact me direct and I would be happy to help.