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Today (15th October 2015) we become Dogs for Good. This is the start of a new chapter for the charity, which I am looking forward to with great anticipation and excitement. It builds on our strong foundation and history as Dogs for the Disabled.

We’re extremely proud of our work training assistance dogs to help adults and children with a range of disabilities. More recently, we have developed new services to help autistic children with both assistance and pet dogs, helping well over 700 families nationwide.  Our new Community Dog Service has placed specially trained activity and therapy dogs in special educational needs schools. We have also developed a series of valuable projects with other charities, including the Kingwood Trust, supporting adults with autism, Alzheimer’s Scotland and with the Child Brain Injury Trust.

The new name Dogs for Good more accurately reflects the range of people we work with and the services we offer. We also expect the new brand to have a very positive impact on our fundraising and communications work.

We know that incredible things happen when we bring dogs and people together. We’re ambitious for the future and, in the next stage of our development, we will continue to explore new ways dogs can help many more people.

Peter Gorbing
Chief Executive

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