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The Dogs for the Disabled brand has served us well for 27 years, but it no longer reflects all that we do, all the people we support and the way we talk about the many exciting ways that dogs can have an impact on people’s lives.

Our work has broadened into many different areas, from training autism assistance dogs for children, running pet dog workshops for families with autistic children, and working with activity and therapy dogs in schools and community settings.

It’s been hugely exciting to see so many lives transformed through the amazing potential of dogs.

We’re ambitious for the future and want to help many more people. To do this, we need a new name and identity which fully reflects all the work that we do, so we can broaden our appeal and engage more people to support our work. We also recognise that language around disability is changing and now focuses much more on people as individuals.

From 15 October 2015, we will become Dogs for Good, with a new and much bolder presentation of our work, focusing on all the good that can be achieved by bringing people and dogs together.