Everyday our dogs do amazing things in our world, but what does it look like through their eyes?

Here’s dog in training Sadie showing us some of the things our dogs encounter when out and about. On her trip to Oxford there are crowds, noises from tannoy announcements and trains, and obstacles to negotiate such as ticket barriers.

Watch Sadie’s Dog Cam:

Dog Cam: A dog’s eye view of the world from Dogs for Good on Vimeo.

Sadie takes this all in her stride thanks to her volunteer socialiser getting her comfortable out and about from when she was a puppy, and now working with her trainer Mel.

Introducing our dogs to public transport

Over a third of people with our assistance dogs use public transport on a regular basis, so making sure our dogs are happy and relaxed around bus and train stations, as well as during the journey, is an important part of their socialisation and training.

“Getting our dogs comfortable on public transport starts when they are puppies. It’s important not to underestimate what a daunting experience it may be for a puppy either getting on a rattly bus for the first time, or seeing the 11.35 express to London whizzing through the station.

As well as making their job more pleasant and easy for them, there is also an important safety aspect. If a dog is not comfortable jumping on to various transportation, they may try to run off, which could cause them and/or their owner harm and potentially risk the safety of others.”

Introducing dogs to public transport is a gradual process. Find out more.