One of our wonderful trainers, Mel, has spent the last six months training for the London Marathon. With only two more sleeps to go until the big day, she’s given us 26.2 facts about training for the London Marathon and they’re so good, we thought we’d share them with you.

training for the London Marathon

Mel’s 26.2 things she’s learnt whilst training for the London Marathon

1. I genuinely LOVE running.
2. Toenails are overrated.
3. My gut can’t handle certain energy gels.
4. I started running because ‘it’s free’. It’s certainly not. I’ve spent loads on gear and entering races!
5. Committing to raising money for charity isn’t as scary as I first thought.
6. I have THE MOST generous friends and family.
7.  Trail running is great fun. And I even quite like hills.
8. Too many hills in one run means trying to sit on the loo the following day is a very difficult task.
9. My running support team are awesome – both two and four-legged.
10. Just because I’m training for a marathon does not mean I can eat cake all the time.
11.  If I have a plan, I will stick to it religiously.
12.  I always have a lull at mile 11. I’m starting to feel tired, I’m not even half way and I’ve still got ages to go.
13.  Running is great for the mind. I don’t listen to music and going out for a 3 hour run just with my own thoughts and the beauty of our countryside is all I need.
14. Pain is temporary, satisfaction of completing something will last forever.
15. Compression socks look great. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
16. All ladies running clothes come in black or luminous pink only.
17. Running 22 miles is a really long way. And to date, is the furthest I’ve run. Hopefully the crowd will carry me the final  four miles on Sunday.
18. Drinking lots of water is really important and good for you. But also means on any long car journey I will always need to stop…
19. My post run nutrition consists of a Frijji strawberry milkshake and a packet of ready salted crisps.
20. I think about my post run strawberry milkshake for at least three miles.
21. I can run at different paces – I used to have one speed, but with practice I’ve learnt to run faster, slower and to maintain my pace.
22. Running in the sunshine gives me such a buzz (even though I look an idiot with those glasses on). Running in the wind is horrible.
23. I’ve learnt I need to have my last drink an hour before I run. Jumping into a bush mid-run is OK in the countryside, not sure that’ll be possible in London…
24. Giving up alcohol hasn’t made me a better person. Just makes running easier (and makes me less tolerant of Rob, my fiance, when he’s drinking).
25.  If I need to rest, then rest. I shouldn’t feel guilty.
26.  I never stretch. And I really should.
26.2 This may be my first marathon, but I’ve got a feeling it won’t be my last.

Feeling inspired?

You can register your interest in a London Marathon 2020 place, or if walking is more your thing then find out about the London Marathon Walk.