… having a disability made you feel invisible.

Your gift of £4.60 could help someone like Joel go out with confidence. Every day.

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Brain damaged at birth, Joel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy quadriplegia, which means he has difficulty controlling movement in his arms and legs, his speech is slurred and he also has associated dyspraxia.

Outside his close circle of support, Joel’s life was impacted by his disability. People would simply walk past and ignore him.

Your gift can help people like Joel live independent, carefree lives.

Watch the video to see how Harry helps Joel every day…

Harry not only acts as a social ice-breaker for Joel, but helps him with practical day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Retrieving dropped items
  • Helping him on and off with his clothes
  • Pulling the duvet off in the mornings

It costs just £4.69 to support an assistance dog like Harry for a day.

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To get an idea of how your £4.69 will be life-changing for someone living with a disability, read about a day in the life of an assistance dog here.