… isolation had been your reality for 12 years, not 12 months?

Our expertly trained autism assistance dogs give children like Henry the confidence to access the outside world

Because of restrictions placed on life during lockdowns, most people now have a good understanding of how emotionally draining isolation can be. But for Sarah, isolation and fear of what the future might hold was a daily reality long before the pandemic hit.

Her son, Henry, was diagnosed with autism when he was four and as he got older, family life became more and more fractured. While her husband and daughters went out on day trips together, Sarah and Henry stayed at home because the outside world was simply too overwhelming for him.

Artie is Henry’s autism assistance dog. Sarah says:

Artie does so much for Henry and helps him to come out of his frustrated world and join us in ours. This means that so much more is possible for us as a family. With Artie at Henry’s side, I know that Henry is safe and calm enough to venture out into the world. We can go outside to the shops, on holiday, to the beach and even eat fish and chips together in a restaurant!”

A gift of £4.69 from you could help train more dogs like Artie.

“I don’t know how we would have coped during the last year without Artie. He’s the glue that binds us together and he gives us so much hope for the future.”

Imagine if Artie hadn’t come along to help Henry join his family in their world…

Now imagine if your gift of £4.69 could do the same for another child like Henry. A child just waiting to come out of their lifetime lockdown.

How our assistance dogs help

Assistance dogs can help build a level of independence and confidence in children by helping with practical tasks, such as:

  • Introducing routines
  • Reducing bolting behaviour
  • Interrupting repetitive behaviour
  • Helping a child with autism cope with unfamiliar surroundings

Demand for our services is at an all-time high. We need your help.

Every year we received around 5,000 enquiries about our services and we currently are unable to help many families feel supported. With your support we will be able to help many more.

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