Watch here as our dog trainer Kat shows us how to get your dog used to being wiped down.


  • Start by holding the towel still, rewarding any curiosity and also any calm behaviour. Each dog will react differently to the article.
  • When the dog is ready, add some movement to the towel. Reward calm behaviour. Your dog may still be curious at this point.
  • Don’t reward behaviours like pawing at the cloth or backing away. Just try again.
  • Gradually increase your range of movement. Still not touching the dog.
  • Hold cloth to the dog for a couple of seconds and reward. Do this until the dog is comfortable.
  • Progress by giving treats at the moment you touch them with the cloth.
  • Next, touch them with the cloth slightly before you give them the treat.
  • Next, give them the treat after you have wiped. Keep the wipes short initially.
  • Progress by moving positions. If the dog you have is more relaxed in a sit then that is OK. You may need to go back to treating immediately after touching and building it back up.
  • If you dog back away, don’t treat, but try again by making it easier.
  • When your dog is ready, add 2 or 3 wipes before treating.