It is important to keep track of your dog’s weight changes during times when their exercise is restricted. You can usually do this easily when you have access to the scales at a veterinary practice but what about when you’re stuck indoors?

Use our guide to measure your dog using a soft tape measure. If you find your dog is putting on weight then consider feeding them less. You can reduce their daily meals or treats to keep their calories in balance.

Measuring your dog

To measure your dog correctly always use a soft tape measure and always measure your dog when they are standing. The tape measure should not be so tight that it distorts your dog’s body shape, and you should be able to snuggly fit one finger underneath the measure. Always measure your dog the same way each time to make sure the measurements are correct.

Neck: Measurements to be taken from the widest point/base of the neck.

Chest: Place the tape measure on the dog’s shoulder blades and measure right around the chest at the deepest point. This is usually following the line from the shoulder blades downwards just behind the front legs.

Waist: Place the tape measure around the narrowest part of the dog’s waist just in front of their hind legs.