Most of us could not imagine taking on such a daunting challenge but Channel swimmer hopeful Scott tells us why he is planning on doing so for Dogs for Good.

Over a 100 years ago, my Great Grandmother (Old Nan as we called her) trained hard to attempt to swim the English Channel. She was an excellent swimmer and spent much time sea swimming in preparation. The break out of World War 1 stopped her and she never got to make the crossing.

As a child I was a keen swimmer, and my Old Nan used to come to watch me very regularly; up there on the balcony as I went up and down, I can only imagine it’s like watching slow motion tennis. I always knew she was there watching, but I didn’t thank her for it at the time, so I’m trying to thank her now by making attempting to swim this infamous channel of water in her honour.

In deep water…

When I announced I was going to take on this challenge I had not swum for over 25 years! And on my first attempt back in the water back in 2013 I was unable to complete 2 lengths of the pool. Since then I’ve embarked into the unknown world of open water swimming and entered many long distance events including four marathon swims, so I feel I am on my way.

I’m fundraising for Dogs for Good and hope to raise £5,000. I’ve chosen the charity because there was a time in my life when I ended up being lonely, I found myself no longer going out and I became very isolated. This all changed when I got my dog Harvey, and the world opened up to me again!  I am amazed by how Dogs for Good changes lives and I want to raise money so they can help more people.

Swimming the English Channel facts. Did you know…

  • It’s very cold! At 16c the best phrase is ‘quite bitter’
  • You don’t wear a wetsuit, just a swim hat, goggles and standard above the knee bathers
  • You must cross 2 shipping lanes
  • It’s about 23 miles (depending on currents and tides) which takes between 15 and 20 hours
  • A support boat accompanies you and feeds you at regular intervals
  • You may not touch the boat or anybody on it. The swim must be completely unaided

If you would like to sponsor Scott go to: …or text DOGS23 £10 to 70070.