How To Teach – Spin from Dogs for Good on Vimeo.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog’s young or old, big or small, dogs love to learn new things and it’s a great way to build the bond with your dog and help you both get the most out of your relationship.

This is the next in our Teach Your Dog … features, and the trick we will be teaching is ‘spin’. Remember practice makes perfect, have fun and make sure you have plenty of treats to reward.

Step 1

trainer teaches dog to spin

With your dog in a stand position hold a treat in front of his nose and lure him round to one side. Give him the treat once he has started turning. Always choose the same direction to spin!

Step 2

trainer encouraging dog to turn

When he is happy turning his head and shoulders away from you, make the movement into more of a circle and move your arm around so he follows it and does a spin.

Step 3

trainer praising dog for spinning

Keep practising and making sure he is following the treat around in a full circle

Step 4

trainer and dog practice spinning

Remove the treat from your hand and instead just use a point/hand signal in the same motion. He should respond with doing a spin and make sure you give him a treat when he does.