If you would like to leave a lasting legacy with a gift to charity in your will, but you are unsure how, we are here to help.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

Quite simply, the future of our vital work depends on gifts that people like you leave in a will.

For over thirty years, Dogs for Good has been using its knowledge and experience to bring people with disabilities and dogs together, enabling life-changing differences.

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Through the power of expertly trained dogs, we support people with autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and dementia, empowering them to live more independent lives.

We support individuals, communities and families. The results are life-changing.

Alice and Winter

“There’s a whole world out there to explore and with Winter by my side, I’m safe.  I feel like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis and I’m ready to fly.”
– Alice

Leaving a gift in your will ensures that we’re able to continue training assistance dogs like Winter to support people with disabilities now and into the future.

We promise to use your legacy gift wisely and effectively and will always respect your wishes and privacy.

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