Watch our short video to find out more about our workshops and how we support people.


Our Virtual Workshops are pre-recorded and accessed via an online platform called SharePoint. 

There are three main Workshops (1, 2, and 3). 

There is also an optional additional Workshop called ‘Selecting the Right Dog’, which can be accessed on SharePoint. 

Each main pre-recorded Workshop is accompanied by a corresponding ‘Workshop Live’ event, held as a group video call on Microsoft Teams. 

These ‘Workshop Lives’ are the group’s dates you book on to when booking your ticket. 

How the Virtual Workshops work

After watching each pre-recorded Workshop on SharePoint, you will attend a corresponding ‘Workshop Live’ video call on Microsoft Teams with the other group attendees. These Workshop Lives are held on the group’s dates you book on to when booking your ticket. 

The ‘Intro Live’ lasts around 45 minutes, and is for you to meet the other people in the group, meet the Instructors, and for the team to check everyone is ok with the technical aspect of the Virtual Workshops. 

The ‘Workshop Lives’ last around 1.5 – 2 hours, and are where the Instructors recap the Workshop content, answer questions, and generate discussions within the group. Between each Workshop Live, you will have time to view the next required pre-recorded Workshop, and you will be sent an email detailing when it is time to watch each one. 

You must attend all Workshop Live dates in order to qualify for ongoing support from the Family Dog team. 

What the workshops cover

(Optional) Selecting the Right Dog 

  • Considerations of getting a dog 
  • Type of dog 
  • Puppy vs adult 
  • Rescue, breeders, and sourcing a dog 

Workshop 1 

  • Meeting your dog’s needs 
  • Supporting your dog in the home 
  • Dog law 
  • Tips for building a strong relationship 

 Workshop 2

  • Canine communication 
  • How your dog can help yourself or your family member 
  • How dogs learn 
  • Introduction to training 

 Workshop 3

  • How to train your dog 
  • Different dog training styles 
  • Training tools 
  • Advanced training and assistance taskwork 

Am I eligible to attend?

Our Virtual Workshops are open to physically disabled adults or adults with a physically disabled family member (aged 3 or over) who are looking to get the best out of their pet dog. Workshops are designed for adults / parents / carers and we politely request that children don’t attend these sessions. These Virtual Workshops are for UK residents and UK residents that are temporarily living abroad. 

These workshops are designed for people at all stages: those with an existing adult pet dog, a new dog or puppy, and those without a dog but exploring the possibilities. 

Family Dog Service, not Physical Disability Assistance Dogs 

Please note that the Family Dog Service is a separate service to the Physical Disability Assistance Dogs service also offered by Dogs for Good. 

We expect our Physical Disability Family Dog Workshops to begin in early autumn 2024.

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