Our Physical Disability Family Dog Team give advice and support through workshops and long-term support to help adults and children with physical disabilities, to get the most out of their relationship with their pet dog.

Dog sleeping next to person sitting on the sofa

Our Workshops are ideal for people at every stage of dog ownership, such as if you: 

  • Are considering and researching how a dog can help you or a family member 
  • Are preparing for bringing a dog home, and would like support in choosing, introducing, and training a dog 
  • Already have a pet dog and would like inspiration, advice, and support in how your dog can help you or a family member 

We run a series of Virtual Workshops groups throughout the year. 

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Long Term Support

After attending the Virtual Workshops, you can access our aftercare support including email and telephone support, online resources, and a private Facebook group. 

What is the cost of the Workshops?

Our Virtual Workshops cost £60 total per person, which includes all pre-recorded content and resources on SharePoint, attendance at all ‘Workshop Lives’ on Teams and, upon completion and if you qualify, access to our specialist long-term aftercare support. Please contact us if you require financial assistance. 


Our physical disability Family Dog Workshops are commencing in September 2024. Click the link below for the available dates and to sign up. 

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