Can I nominate someone for more than one category?  

Yes – you can nominate a person for as many categories as you like.  

Do I tell the person I have nominated them?  

There is no need to inform a nominee. We will contact them should they be selected as a winner.  

What happens to those that win?  

Winners will be invited to attend an event where their money prize and certificate are awarded.  There will be some nibbles and drinks supplied. The money can be used on anything the winner wishes.  

What happens to nominees that are not selected as winners? 

All those nominated will receive a certificate and letter of congratulations for being nominated as a Volunteer of the Year. They will not be invited to the event.  

If I nominate someone who has won before, can I nominate them again another year?  

Yes, anyone can be nominated even if they have won an award before. 

Is there a length of service expected to be nominated? 

We would suggest the volunteer should have been a member for at least 3 months.  

Does a popularity vote automatically make them the winner?  

No. The selection panel will look at each nominee on their own merit. The fact that someone receives one nomination and another person may receive 3 nominations of the same category does not favour that person with more nominations.  

Who informs the winners?  

After the selection panel has met, both the nominee and the nominator will be informed by email.  

I’m not sure what category to nominate under as there does not seem to be a clear category. What should I do?  

Nominate under the category you think is best.  If you are unsure, leave it blank. The selection panel will consider all nominations. 

What if I miss the deadline?  

It’s important to nominate on time to ensure the selection process is allowed the time allowed. Late nominations will not be accepted.  

Are the winners chosen from different regions/nations of the UK?  

No. The winners are selected on their individual merit. There are no categories that separate regional areas.  

Can I nominate a household or group of people for an award?  

Yes, you can but the money for that category will not be increased for multiple winners. 

Who can be nominated? Staff and Volunteers? 

These awards are only for Volunteers. Staff and Volunteers can nominate any volunteer who is a member of Dogs for Good. You should not self-nominate.