Samuel and assistance dog Heather from Dogs for Good on Vimeo.

Samuel and Heather’s moving story was featured on ITV’s This Morning last month. Samuel was an incredibly active boy who loved playing sports with his friends, but his life changed in an instant when he suffered a spinal stroke.

Left paralysed from the waist down, his family applied for an assistance dog and Samuel’s only request was that the dog was cheeky and made him laugh – cue Heather!

Mum Aly says Heather gives Samuel so much more. “She gives him unconditional friendship, love and devotion. She’s helped him so much mentally which has a huge impact on his confidence and determination.”

The first hospital tests that Samuel went for after getting Heather were remarkable. With his best friend walking beside him, Samuel aced the test. “He doubled the amount of steps he had previously taken just a few months before. I was speechless. The power of Heather and Samuel together is a remarkable thing.”

BBC Lifeline Appeal

Samuel and Heather will appear on BBC Lifeline Appeal on Sunday 13th May at 2.15 pm.