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Jacqui had been a very physically active person; she was an accomplished Latin dancer and had a horse that she rode every day. But at 41, Jacqui was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

“My physicality was deserting me and I started to become withdrawn, and felt lonely and isolated because I couldn’t safely get outdoors on my own.” The final straw came when Jacqui had to give up driving. “I was completely reliant on other people and had totally lost my independence.”

When Jacqui’s application for an assistance dog was successful and she remembers the phone call vividly. “I cried and cried when I was told I was getting a dog.”

From the moment Duke arrived in their lives, as well as being able to carry out tasks such as picking up dropped items, opening doors, bringing her the phone and remote controls, Duke helped to repair Jacqui’s confidence and ease her grief. According to her husband, there are no words to accurately describe the change Duke has brought about in Jacqui and as a result, in his life, too.

“Emotionally, he gave me my wife back,” Jacqui’s husband says. “He’s a godsend, an absolute godsend.”

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